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Virtual Space Production is a commercial photography company specializing in creating virtual tours that could be used as digital media to promote your business via internet marketing. Our aim lies in increasing revenue and bookings for our clients, and we wake up every day looking for innovative ways to lift others up.

People are looking for you out there, and they are constantly on the lookout for your business. However, Due to the lack of a strong online presence, they might find it hard to find you, and when they do, they don’t understand what you have to offer. You have to show them and immerse them in your space; get them excited, informed, and warmed up about your products and services before they show up. This is where Virtual Space Production enters into the picture or, in better words, put the picture together.

Our Goal

Our goal is building a strong relationship with our unique customers, and we intend to do this by providing stellar customer service and providing outstanding works. Our services include Matterport 3D virtual tour and Google Street view.

We know how Google works; it is an algorithm that is focused on feeding searchers with the best listings. Google governs the world of searches and locating businesses. The use of Google searches is exactly how to get your business on the map and adequately recognized by your target audience, and Google’s algorithm makes its decision by clicks.

Google measures clicks and collects information from clicks about what people want and when they have found what they’re looking for. Study shows that people are more likely to spend time looking at a 360 picture than at a regular picture, and 360 pictures are more likely to prompt people to research your business after that.

The question then becomes: Are you willing to give Google what it wants in order to draw the right audience to your business? When more people research your business, this will get you to rank higher on search results, and I think you would agree that’s a pretty good start to outperforming your competition. Higher ranks usually mean new leads, warmer leads, repeat-customers, loyal, and even more informed customers.

Why Hire Us?

It’s simple; we are the Google local guide geeks. Every picture you see online was uploaded by a professional photographer like us and not a Google operative. We have ample experience in hospitality, entrepreneurship, commercial photography, and we’re equipped with the know-how and right equipment needed for the job.

We are always prepared to listen to your needs, and we work tirelessly to make your life easier by providing virtual tours and photography that would help grow your long-term customers while also driving new leads to your business to ultimately increase your business revenue.

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