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Bills Stadiums Construction Update In Orchard Park July 2023

July 5th 2023 was a hot and sunny summer day right after the Fourth of July with heat warnings. Crews went back to work and kicked up some dust working on building the new stadium for the Buffalo Bills Football Team in Orchard Park, NY on Abbott Rd. Seen here is the current Highmark Stadium.

The reported weather from the Buffalo Airport was:

Temperature:30.0°C ( 86°F)
Dewpoint:18.9°C ( 66°F) [RH = 51%]
Pressure (altimeter):30.02 inches Hg (1016.7 mb) [Sea level pressure: 1016.0 mb]
Winds:from the WSW (240 degrees) at 10 MPH (9 knots; 4.6 m/s)
Visibility:10 or more sm (16+ km)
Ceiling:at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds:few clouds at 4400 feet AGL, few clouds at 25000 feet AGL, few clouds at 30000 feet AGL

360 Degree images

360 Degree Image from new stadium

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