Floor Plans

We capture onsite with a high quality Matterport Pro 2 Infrared Camera/ 3D Scanner. Once we capture then we can create additional floor plans.

Floor Plans are a great addition to your Matterport Virtual Tour 3D Digital Twin.

If you are only looking for floor plans and not an immersive hosted virtual tour, we can do that too. Floor plan capture vs Virtual Tour Capture can take less time to scan. A great way to describe it is that we don’t have to take as many pictures to create a very detailed 3D model.

Less scans are aimed for drawn floor plans and not the Matterport Orthophotos as this would create black hole like swiss cheese in the floor plan.

In other words, we can save you money if you only want floor plans and no Live Matterport Model.


Floor Plan Styles

Matterport Orthophoto

Basic CAD Floor Plan

Site Plan Style

3D Floor Plan

2D Colored Floor Plans

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