We provide onsite capture using drones and the process of photogrammetry.

  • Progress Monitoring
  • Documenting
  • Project Management
  • Proof of Work As Is
  • Planning
  • Beautiful Photorealistic Updated Imagery
  • Marketing
  • Stock Pile Measurement

What We Can Provide

  • Orthomosaic: Hundreds to thousands of photos capturing a large area such as Acres, stitched together to make a spatially accurate map. Think of this as a Google Earth image but spatially accurate and up to date. We provide a Full resolution GeoTiff Image that can be printed (Very Large) or viewed in an image viewer on a computer device. This image can also be imported into programs such as Google Earth and various GIS programs that overlay other maps and images.
  • Digital Elevation Model: Visually see elevation of the ground and structures in a colorized GeoTiff image.
  • Live Map Sample that you can easily share with anyone to any device with a web browser. Take Measurements.

Live Map Sample

Easily view and share a live map overlayed onto Google Earth. Beneficial for teams participating in a project. Members from the top down can all be on board from the Venture Capitalist Investors, Project Managers, Contractors, Insurance Companies etc.

Link to Full Screen Map

Click on layers to see the Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

See Elevations In Color With The Digital Elevation

We use DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 for Mapping Missions

We program a path for the drone to take hundreds to thousands of photos and then stitch them together to create an orthomosaic using the process of photogrametry.

How Mapping Works

Lower res samples of maps created.


This is for documentation and reference only. We do not provide Surveys, ALTA Surveys or claim to be licensed Surveyors.

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