Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

Matterport Pro2 4K 3D Camera

At Virtual Space Productions, we use the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera with professional photo resolution at 134 megapixels and 3D accuracy. High-quality 3D capture with unlimited 4K print quality photography.

What does that mean to you? It means we use the best equipment on the market to give you the highest-quality virtual tour available.

Did you know that adding a virtual tour will keep users on your site 5% longer?

You do, now!

This decreases your bounce rate and will also increase your SEO efforts.

What can you do with a 3D Virtual Tour?

Explore in a 3D Dollhouse Model

Use your mouse or finger to control the 3D dollhouse

2D Floor Plan View

Use your mouse or finger to control the 2D Floor Plan view

Measuring Tool and Cost Efficient

When checking out a house, we often wonder, ‘will that piece of furniture fit through multiple doorways and hallways? You can get the answer to this with the 3-D space or floorplan space; it even allows you to measure ceilings from the comfort of your home. Matterport 3D Virtual tours help you to save time, money, and lots of phone calls.

Apart from its use as a marketing tool, we create links to the 3-D space or floorplan space for you that you can easily share with your event coordinators or contractors, which allows them easily and speedily take their own measurement. 3D virtual tour of a floorplan space provides answers to questions like ‘is the stage spacious enough for the band’s size? Will the event space hold the expected number of people?’ Answers gotten are accurate when we make use of the Matterport pro to camera.

Contractors working on the location will find the virtual 3D tour convenient and useful for taking measurements; it eliminates the need for traveling and scheduling visits. It also helps everyone on the project save money and time and speeds up the turn-around time for projects.

Project Management

Get projects done faster and more cost efficient. You can share the tour with everyone on the project such as contractors, project managers, and financers.

✔️ Save money on travel costs eliminating travel for multiple site visits by being able to virtually visit the space from anywhere at anytime.

✔️ Keep the costs of supplies down by taking accurate measurements.

✔️ Speed up the completion of the project. Projects will get done faster by keeping everyone on the same page in the same space. More accurate purchasing of supplies.

Insurance/Asset Documentation

Matterport 3D Virtual tours can also be used as insurance in the future when claims are made by clients in the future that isn’t true. It could serve as a total recall, with every aspect being embedded in the virtual tour.

24/7 Open House Experience

Any person in the world can visit your site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With a link your current and future clients can get a taste of what they are going to experience while they are virtually immersed while exploring your space!

Our commercial photography services allow us to provide you with interior photos that would allow your visitors and clients to experience the culture and lifestyle of your business community at any time.

Have buyers make an offer without ever having to step foot in your home!

Publish Tour To Partner Pages

We can publish the tour to partners such as Google Maps, Realtor.com, Homes.com, Vrbo/ Homeaway. You can even use the tour on Airbnb sites by putting a link in the description or a QR code that we can supply you in an image.


Point out specific areas of interest with a colored bubble called Mattertags.

Display great content right inside the model such as Youtube videos, hosted images, info text, pdf and hyperlinks to give more information to your viewers. See Embedly for a list of options.

Unleash The Power Of Deep Links

Easily in real time share the exact view you are seeing to others from any device to any device.

✔️mobile phone text message to an electrician preparing an estimate or troubleshooting late at night.

✔️troubleshooting- eliminate MANY stressful phone calls try to explain and and someone trying to interoperate directions while you are at a loud concert trying to explain where something is. (It’s in this cabinet)

✔️create documentation for training manuals and orientations

✔️create scannable QR codes to specific ares and views of the model. (Even a 3D view looking at a parking garage)

✔️big places can link to specific rooms of an event space while still within the model of the entire physical venue

✔️promotional links ie. Follow this link for the view from your section in auditoriums

✔️Use the model link to use in your “deck” you give to booking agents of bands and DJ’s that would be used in a location such as music venue or wedding venue.

What else can you do with a Virtual Tour?

✔️ Share your virtual tour- Matterport 3D virtual tours also allow you share models of your product and services to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Nextdoor, and many more. Clients can also share links to models via email messages and signature, text messages, and other messaging platforms. QR Codes can also be created for the virtual tours and used as brochure menus and mailers that you could share on your social media platforms.

✔️ Embed the tour to your website– Matterport 3D virtual tours can also be embedded right on your website; studies have shown that having a virtual tour on your website keeps visitors on the site for 5% longer. This significantly reduces bounce rates, which would, in turn, have a positive effect on your SEO ranking.

✔️ Dollhouse views are addictive and are sure to keep your users engaged. You could get creative on social media platforms and create engaging games with the 3D virtual tours by asking your audience to guess just how many items are on a table or in a room. You could make it even more exciting by asking them to find a hidden item and make use of the share button when they spot the hidden item to keep the game going.

Another way of increasing engagement with your prospective clients would be to ask them to share their favorite spots in the 3D space and help people see spaces from others’ points of view. These activities would lead to more engagement for your site, which is advantageous to your site as Google and social media algorithms are constantly taking note. The best course of action would be embedding the tour on the homepage and creating a dedicated virtual tour page on your website to promote internet marketing.

✔️ Save time and money when it comes to project management. Contractors don’t have to schedule time and travel for site visits. Projects get done faster and are more cost efficient.

✔️ QR code created for the virtual tour- this image in any type of print or digital media examples are brochures, menus, or mailers share it to social media.

✔️ Insurance– use as total recall for any unforeseen claims.

✔️ Training and Orientation–  Use the tour as a training aid to show entrances and rooms. 

Every single area in the tour can be quickly accessed via a deep link. When creating training material to documents and emails, each space can be accessed with a hyperlink called a deep link. For example: On your first day of Orientation, please report to the [ Green Room ]of our building. The paperwork will be found on [this table] for you to complete.

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